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The 6-hour DVD Karate Black Belt course contains full instructions and demonstrations on the following:

Get My Black Belt - Wado Ryu Karate

Get My Black Belt Course - £39.97

Black Belt CourseThis is the only course of its kind in the world. In just 6 hours, you will learn everything a Karate Black Belt knows. It is a 6 DVD set containing the following:

Disk 1 - White Belt

  1. Basic Principles
  2. White Belt Kihon (Basics)

Disk 2 - Yellow Belt

  1. Yellow Belt Kihon (Basics)
  2. Kata - Pinan Nidan (1st Form)
  3. Bunkai to Pinan Nidan (Explanation of 1st Form)

Disk 3 - Orange Belt

  1. Orange Belt Kihon (Basics)
  2. Kata - Pinan Shodan (2nd Form)
  3. Bunkai to Pinan Shodan (Explanation of 2nd Form)
  4. Gohon and Basic Ippon Kumite (Basic Blocks & Counters)

Disk 4 - Green Belt

  1. Green Belt Kihon (Basics)
  2. Kata - Pinan Sandan (3rd Form)
  3. Bunkai to Pinan Sandan (Explanation of 3rd Form)
  4. Competition Kumite (Competition Sparring)
  5. Continuous Kumite (Continuous Sparring)

Disk 5 - Purple Belt

  1. Purple Belt Kihon (Basics)
  2. Kata - Pinan Yondan (4th Form)
  3. Bunkai to Pinan Yondan (Explanation of 4th Form)

Disk 6 - Brown & Black Belt

  1. Kata - Pinan Godan (5th Form)
  2. Bunkai to Pinan Godan (Explanation of 5th Form)
  3. Kushanku (6th Form)
  4. Chinto (7th Form)
  5. Passai (8th Form)
  6. Advanced Ippon and Ohyu Kumite (Advanced Blocks & Counters)

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Black Belt Sai Masterclass - Coming Soon

SaiThe Sai is a beautiful weapon. Using a Sai will make your blocks stronger, easily blocking an iron bar. Your strikes will be more deadly meaning that you can literally punch through armour. The prongs on the side open up huge possibilities in disarming, locking and holding your opponent.

The good news is that if you are a Black Belt in Karate, you will automatically be a Black Belt in the use of Sai. The principles are identical.

Some people say that Karate was originally designed for the Sai but that Sai were removed when weapons were made illegal in Okinawa, Japan. Others say that Sai were farming instruments and the Okinawan peasants needed a martial art to fit them to which they found Karate to be perfect. Whatever the truth, the use of Sai is Karate Upgraded.

With moves and techniques learnt directly from the Sai Masters, learn to use them to their deadliest effect in this DVD.